is the Silicon Valley of Europe

Thats what BBC News and “Deutsche Welle” say.
The European E-Commerce Institute is – as the name suggests – European. We are a community of Eastern and Western European e-commerce and online marketing specialists. When we were looking for a location for EEI, Estonia was the most attractive choice. Besides the e-residency, the ability to fill out all forms online, the simple tax system, and the great business administration support providers, the community was most attractive to us.

Why Estonia?

We are pretty sure, you know Wise, Skype and Bolt. But did you know, these are Estonian companies?

According to a report by Google for Startups, VC firm Atomico and intelligence platform Dealroom, Estonia is the birthplace of 30 % of the Top 10 most valuable tech companies founded in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) after 2000.

In this Top 10, three out of seven Estonian unicorns are represented:

Wise in valuation of €14 billion, Skype €7.6B and Bolt €4B.

Is Estonia the Silicon Valley of Europe?

Some media compare Estonia to Silicon Valley, like “BBC News” and “Deutsche Welle”. There is a vibrant startup ecosystem and Estonia values its close connections to Silicon Valley .

Estonia has rised the most investment per capita of any country in Europe.

Estonia is very affordable and founders can manage the company online from literally anywhere.

It couldn’t be easier.

Example? Getting a EU VAT number takes 1 minute to request and 3 days (incl. weekend) to activate.

Estonian companies get the biggest investments in Europe

What’s going on in E-Commerce?

Is Organic SEO Dead in 2023? Spoiler: No.

Organic search drives 53% of website traffic and Google’s first search result averages 26.9% mobile click-throughs and 32% desktop click-throughs. It’s clear that SEO

Is Estonia the Silicon Valley of Europe?

You are also connected to a very supportive startup-community in Tallinn and supported by affordable specialists in accounting and business administration.

Being an independent country like Estonia also means, they can adapt fast with legislation to support new technologies and emerging industries. They did i.e. for delivery robots, ride sharing, AI and other new startup ideas.

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